Bedroom Decor Dreaming

Since we have moved into our house, we have slowly been working on adding our own twist to the decor. As we are renting, what we can do is limited but with the addition of plants, statement walls and soft furnishings we have started to make an impact.
One space we have never worked on is our bedroom. I have recently purchased some cotton washed sheets from H&M home that have sparked some inspiration.

I love bedrooms with neutral colour palettes and mixed textures.




1. Soft Blankets from €29.00 H&M Home >>
2. Light Fixture €90.00 >>
3. Candle H&M Home €12.00 >> 
4. Wire Basket €22.00 H&M Home >>
5. Bedside Table €10 IKEA >> 
6. Rug €100 IKEA  >>
7. Selection of Prints , Sostrene Grene >>
8. Teal Cushion €3.99 H&M Home >>
9. Velvet Cushion Zara Home €22.99 >>


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