My Top 5 Podcasts to get You Through The Week

I’m not sure about you, but I’m just a teeny ( * read : A LOT)  bit obsessed with Podcasts. They’re generally free, entertaining, educational and best of all they keep you company during insufferably long commutes- 3 hours a day for me to be exact.

Below I have listed my Top 5 Podcasts that I think will help you get you through your week. Of course, I’m not going to mention Serial because at this stage, everyone and their True Crime loving Mother has listened to this one. ( If you haven’t – you need to NOW)


5. My Favorite Murder ( American Spelling  )
A weekly comedy podcast where hosts Karen and Georgia recount their favourite Murders. Before I lose you altogether, yes this is a comedy podcast but the punchline is generally how fucked up the world is , rather than the murder itself  and both the hosts are incredibly respectful of any victims mentioned.  For anyone who loves true crime as much as me ( um, in fact most Women I know do ) this is a safe space to hear about unsolved cases, gory Victorian horror sprees and downright terrifying tales. The catchphrase for the podcast is ‘Stay Sexy & Don’t get Murdered’ which in itself it hilarious, however this podcast at it’s core is about two women who sound like me and my friends discussing their anxieties and ways to not get murdered. It’s informative, funny, and has thought me to ‘Fuck Politeness’ in a world where politeness has gotten a lot of women killed.

4. The Cracked Podcast
From the team at comes this podcast. Featuring up to date political analysis , movie dissection, pop culture break downs and pretty much everything in between.

One of the stand out episodes to me, was their analysis of the Trump victory :

In a world full of post truths, echo chambers and horribly misleading Facebook memes being spread as fact – this episode was refreshing. You as a listener are forced to understand why people voted Trump , whether you want to hear these truths or not. Prepare to get annoyed, frustrated but ultimately  come to a better understanding of what actually happened.

3. The Pandolly Podcast 
Recommended to me by a good pal, ( thanks Megan!) this weekly Podcast is a lighthearted look at ‘all things zeitgeisty’ ( Their word- but it totally works) Funny, informed and hosted by the fab Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton  of The Sunday Times Magazine fame. Featuring a mix of fashion and style, politics, and celebrity scandals all served up by two very cool and painfully chic hosts. Their accents are TO DIE and their recommendations ( from high street pick of the week, book of the week, instagram page of the week – etc , you get the gist) are generally flawless.

2. The Adam Buxton Podcast
If you grew up in the 00’s , you’ll remember Adam Buxton from The Adam and Joe Show.
If you didn’t, you might recognize him from panel shows such as 8/10 Cats. Either way his is a Podcast definitely worth listening to. Every episode starts with him walking his dog Rosie in the country side as he chats away like an old friend. It’s relaxing, entertaining and laced with the dry humor fans of his will know well . Highlights include, the episode featuring Panti Bliss and the two part episodes focusing on the untimely death of David Bowie.

1. My Dad Wrote A Porno
Another Podcast recommended to my by my pal Kate. ( Her exact words were- ” Don’t listen to this in public unless you want to look like a complete lunatic laughing uncontrollably” ) I didn’t believe her until I was listening on a plane to Crete and had to shove my fist in my mouth to stifle the belly laughs that were filling the plane’s cabin.
The premise is  Jamie Morton reads out chapters from the erotic books his 60 year-old dad has written. He’s joined by his friends James Cooper and Alice Levine who basically rip the living piss out of it, and in turn make this tragic book a thing of beauty. The book – Belinda Blinked – follows the adventures of Belinda into the glamorous world of Pots and Pans. ( I’m not kidding) Definitely NSFW, or Families, or basically public. But man, will it make you laugh.


* Honourable mention.. The Nerdist Podcast. If you love celebrity interviews this is for you. Featuring like, EVERYONE , this podcast is perfect to play while at work or driving. I especially enjoyed their interview with Colin Farrell and Sarah Jessica Parker.

If there are any you think I should listen to , leave your suggestions below in the comments!

* images via pinterest * 


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